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Allow us to provide you our service in the process of purchasing a property!

Buying or selling a property is one of the most important transactions our clients undertake and we know they need to have absolute confidence in their sales negotiator. Our people are amongst the best in the industry. First and foremost, they are highly experienced in their specific fields. Equally important, they build good relationships with our clients, taking time to understand their requirements and working closely with them throughout the sales process. We set high standards and are personally involved making sure every client gets an exceptional level of service.

Real estate agency RESIDENCE is present at domestic and international market. We have a wide selection of supply and demand, and our clients are quided by experienced team of professionals.

We offer a large number of real estates of which only one part you can see on these pages.

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Sandra Modrušan

Residence immobilien
Residence immobilien
Residence immobilien
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